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The latest version of the award winning font management software. This new version is now 32 bit safe and has been tested on the A9 Home and Iyonix.

Note - With early copies of the Iyonix compatible EasyFont Pro DrFonty, supplied on the CD, was not 32 bit safe. You can now download the 32 bit upgrade but note that this can only be used with the version of DrFonty supplied with the Iyonix compatible version of EasyFont Pro.

EasyFont Pro makes handling fonts a doddle. Simply click to turn fonts on or off, not sure what fonts are used in a file? Simply drop the file into EasyFont and it will find the fonts used and turn them on itself. If you have got fonts you need EasyFont Pro!

Now with printed manual! This is available separately for just £2.50 for existsing users.

If you have an older version of EasyFont Pro upgrades are available.

  • Supplied on CD with over 2000 fonts.
  • Version 5 is much faster than earlier versions of EasyFont.
  • WYSIWYG font display plus drag and drop font changing.
  • Saves up to 30% of your disk space when storing fonts.
  • File scanning, drop a file into EasyFont and the fonts get turned on!
  • No cumbersome protection system requiring the master disk every few months.
  • Top toolbar with access to advanced EasyFont features.
  • Font integrity tester; find out if fonts are faulty easily and quickly.
  • Greatly increased reliability plus uses less memory than older versions.
  • Automatic installer; install a new version or upgrade your old version.
  • Re-written manual with clearer descriptions and on-line help.
  • Also includes a full version of Dr Fonty, with PostScript font export.
  • Requires RISC OS 3.1 or later, CD-ROM drive and 4Mb of RAM.
  • EasyFont Pro costs just £19.90

    Download version now available for just £12.90

    IMPORTANT: Download version contains just the bare EasyFont Pro program and on-line manual. It does not include DrFonty or the collection of fonts.
    Price includes UK carriage. Please add £2 outside UK.

    Upgrades from earlier versions

    • Upgrade from Fabis version of EasyFont Pro v5 £15. Requires return of original disc.
    • Upgrade from recent version of iSV/APDL EasyFont Pro v5, as supplied in DVD case with printed manual, £5. Return just the bare CD, not the case or manual.
    In all cases prices include UK carriage but please add £2 outside UK
    We no longer supply upgrades from the original iSV versions. This is replaced by the Download version.

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