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SerialNet is a network system for two computers connected via their serial ports. SerialNET behaves just like a full network. You can drag and drop files and applications. Produce a file on one machine and save it directly from an application to the hard disk on another machine. SerialNET version 1.5 includes:
  • Message sending from one station to another.
  • Drag and drop transfer of files.
  • Block file transfer for multiple files.
  • ALL file transfer as a background task.
  • Background network printing - share 1 printer between 2 machines or have 2 machines with two printers and print to either one.
  • Transfer rates up to 12K a second are possible on Risc OS 3.1 machines.
  • Faster transfer between two Risc PC or A7000 computers of up to 120K per second.
  • Auto sync of baud rates.
  • Loads files and applications.
  • Transmit and receive routines hand coded in assembler.
  • Specially coded file integrity routines to ensure that all files are transmitted with no errors.
  • Full on screen manual.
  • Send text files directly from one machine to a wordprocessor on the other.
  • Full on screen reports of file transfer status, current speed and total speed.
  • Supports up to 6 remote disks of any type.
  • Compatible with ADFS, SCSI, IDEFS, QuadFS and all other filing systems.
  • Full remote disk access, multiple RiscOS filer windows. Drag and drop files/apps.
  • Multi-tasking file retrieval. Drag a file from a SerialNET filer window to an application. Then keep working, once SerialNET has transferred the file it will automatically be inserted for you.
  • Large, Small and Full Info filer displays.
  • Easy to set up, just connect the cable and then load the software.
  • Fully compatible with Risc OS 3.1 or later.
  • Supports Atomwide and Serial Port fast serial cards.


  • Runner Up Best Network Software Acorn User 96
  • "..easily 4-5 times the speed of a fast modem." Acorn User Oct 1996
  • "...well pleased..." Mr A. Ashford
  • "I am very happy with the results...many thanks for your usual superb service." Mr P. Hants
  • "..the most profesionally presented acorn product i have so far purchased; and of course it does what it is designed to do." Mr B. Yorks.
  • "...worked really well and is a great product." Mr R. Byfleet
  • "I am very pleased to find such a simple and effective serial set-up." Dr R. Byfleet
  • "Serialnet is a cracker!...the software is most elegant and a delight to use." Prof T. Harrow
  • "...honed to be as fast as is possible.." Geoff Preston Acorn User Feb 97
  • "...well thought out, well presented, fast and straightforward." Archive Jan 1997
  • Time taken to transfer 100K file SerialNET 5 seconds / RSDFS 27 seconds Archive Jan 1997
  • "...half the price and 4 times the speed, (serialnet) has got to be the winner." Archive Jan 1997 RSDFS and SerialNET
  • "Many thanks for a superb application!" Mr C Cumbria
  • "...of considerable help..." Mr R. Essex
  • "Serialnet has worked perfectly and is a genuinely useful program." Mr C. Nairn
  • "..faster than alternatives...highly recommended..does what it sets out to do admirably" Risc User April 97
  • "...I am most impressed...does everything we need...far superior to remotefs..." Mr B London
  • "...as usual great value..." Mr C. Redruth
  • "Thank you for serialnet - it's great!" Mr C. Porthleven
  • "Excellent product" Mr M. Ipswich

SerialNET costs just £14.90

Price includes UK carriage. Please add £2 outside UK

SerialNET requires RISC OS 3.1 or later, a hard disk and 1Mb of RAM (2Mb recommended). Supplied without a cable but with a wiring diagram. A3000 machines may need a serial port upgrade to work with SerialNET, please consult your local dealer.

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