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  The RISC OS Family History program  


About Ancestor+

At the time of his death Graham Crow was working on a program that was to have been called Ancestry+. It was thought to be nearly finished, but this proved not to be the case. Ancestor+ is based upon this but is a new program, with lots of additional features like GEDCOM import and export, export data as cross-referenced HTML file, export sub-files, merge files, much greater ease of use and flexibility, and many other things.

Ancestor+ has been designed to be very simple to use, even by people who are not computer experts. It's incredibly easy to enter data and link people into 'families'. Because of the way it can store and index huge amounts of 'external' data of almost any type it is ideal for people who want to compile complete family histories rather than just genealogical data.

Ancestor+ can hold records for over 20,000 individuals. It can create HTML trees with separate x-referenced files for each Person and Family which makes it much easier for people who want to put data on their web sites. You can incorporate pictures into the HTML files if required.

Price is just £39

Price includes UK carriage. Outside UK please add £6.
Download version now available for just £29.

Upgrades from earlier versions

  • From Version 1, as supplied on floppy disc - £29.
    Note: You must return your original discs. Upgrade will include new printed manual.
    Outside UK please add £6 carriage.
  • From Version 2, as supplied on CD - £19
    Complete new package including new printed Manual and CD
    Note: You must return your old CD (not the manual) and you will receive a new CD plus a new printed manual.
    Outside UK please add £2 carriage.
Note that the earlier discounts for users of Ancestry 1 and 2 has now been discontinued

Ancestor+ Version 3

This is a major upgrade and addresses many issues raised by users. Version 3 will become the new 'base' level upon which future development will be based. See also additional features introduced with version 3.31. Some of the most important improvements are -

  • Improved graphics charts, now also includes 'hourglass' charts and 'bloodline only' charts.
  • Direct import of GEDCOM.
  • New functions to renumber records in the file so that record numbers can approximate the natural order of the people.
  • Database has been re-structured to make it more robust and eliminate previous problems with 'soft' links between people.
  • A partner can now be removed from a family group without breaking up the whole family.
  • Chart 'Layout' files more fully supported and remain correct even after database sorting.
  • 'Pedigree' charts can now be up to 7 generations and be tiled to A4 if necessary.
  • The 'User definable' fields now each have an associated date to make recording of dated events easier.
  • Individual people can now be removed from a chart where they are not relevant.
  • User can choose the font used in charts.

If you are a registered user of Ancestor+ and download the latest version from here you will find that it will still work with your old Register file but some of the new features will be disabled.

Files available to download

  Ancestor+ ver. 3.31 - (280K zip file)
The actual Ancestor+ application. If you're not a Registered User it will revert to the limited Demo version. Registered users can download this archive and use their Register file to de-restrict it.
Note that although the program is restricted if you're not a registered user it is not crippled. Some functions are disabled, but nothing essential. It is limited to the number of People and Families you can enter but you can save the data so you can continue using the material you have entered when you purchase.
If you are a Registered User for an earlier version then this version will still work with your old registration file. However, there will be some restrictions and some of the new features introduced with Version 3 will not be accessible to you.

Some new features introduced in version 3.20 are -

  • Ahnentafel numbers now supported and can be calculated for any person in the database.
  • You can now enter up to four Witnesses in the Family (marriage) window.
  • Improved HTML export and you can now save your HTML export settings.

  Ancestor+ HTML manual - (800K zip file)
Manual for Ancestor+ in HTML format. This is also included on the distribution CDs.

  Ancestor example files (280K zip file)
Example files for Ancestor+. One of these, the Royal Family database, is used as an example in the Manual, so you are advised to get it if you are a new user.

  Updates and additions. - (Text file)
The list of updates and additions made to Ancestor+ from version 3.00.

Upgrades for Version 2

  Ancestor+ ver. 2.30 - (240K zip file)
This is the final Version 2 release of Ancestor+. It has some various improvements and additions. The main addition since version 2.17 is the ability to 'tile' Drawfile charts. You will also need the latest version of Ged-Anc if you wish to impost GEDCOM files. Note that versions of Ancestor+ before 2.16 may not be fully Iyonix, A9 and Select 3 compatible,

  !Ged-Anc ver. 1.13 - (21K zip file)
GEDCOM file loader for Ancestor+. This is required for importing GEDCOM files into Version 2 of Ancestor+.

  !AncConv ver. 0.44 - (24K zip file)
Converts Ancestor I, Ancestor II, Dennis Howe's !Family and Family History System files so that they can be loaded into Ancestor+

  Updates and additions. - (Text file)
The list of updates and additions made to Ancestor+ from version 2.0. up to Version 2.30.

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